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How to dispose of liquid or solid industrial waste in Orange County, California

The State of California and it’s associated counties are among the most environmentally regulated in the entire nation. Orange County is no exception, in fact, they are a leading advocate for proper liquid/solid waste disposal and a fierce protector of our oceans and waterways. The proximity...
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Even Mermaids Need Water & Waste Pumping

Only in California would we get a call for a water pumping and transportation project for a mermaid tank! No kidding! It's not April Fool's. This is a true story.

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EBook Announcement - 7 Things You Need to Know Before Hiring a Commercial Power Washing Company

There are so many gotchas to hiring a commercial power washing company, we thought it would be good to share all the inside secrets with you. Don't be fooled by flashy websites and claims. Knowledge is power and in our Ebook "7 Things You Need to Know Before Hiring a Commercial Power Washing...

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Centralized Water Treatment for Commercial Projects

Most people are unaware how complicated water treatment is in their community. We take for granted that our drinking water and the water we see flowing in our storm drains is clean and safe. But a lot goes into this. In addition to our water being treated at facilities run by the water utility...

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Hazards of Storm Water and Industrial Waste 

San Diego is the site of numerous industrial facilities, all of which generate water waste that can be considered hazardous. Given the abundance of such sites in and around the city, there is a crucial need for hazardous waste disposal San Diego has to meet. While the Public Utilities Department...

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5 Benefits to Hiring Local Power Washing Contractors

“Buy local” has long been the mantra of small businesses everywhere attempting to maintain market share over “big box stores” that can compete on price. But, did you know that hiring local isn’t always the common practice with your cities, communities, and homeowners associations? In the...

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Clean, Safe Communities: Why HOAs, Municipalities Need Commercial Pressure Washing

Curb appeal. It's what Realtors want when selling a home. It's the first impression that captures the buyer's attention. For Home Owner Associations (HOA) and Munipacilities, it elevates your area to the top of the list for buyers, businesses, and tax revenue. Maintaining commercial and...

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LA Upgrading Cable Replacement Subcontractor for LADWP

 Green Clean Water and Waste is honored to partner as a subcontractor on a 3-5 year infrastructure upgrade cable replacement project for the Los Angeles city’s underground power lines with the Los Angeles Department of Water and Power (LADWP).

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What is California RCRA?

We get a lot of questions from people wondering what is California RCRA? – It is a long and complicated law with many nuanced facets that are easier discussed in person. However, the short answer is it is the Resource Conservation Recovery Act.

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Low Price vs Cost Value: Understand the Difference to Prevent Exposing you to a HUGE Liability.

We all understand the bottom line in our industry and that price is the driving factor behind whether or not we can be competitive enough to win a bid or be chosen as the preferred contractor. – This is why we believe it is important to educate our clients and explain the process when dealing...

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